For Curls to be a blessing you need to treat it with a lot of tender, love and care! We at Morango Curls are specialized in doing so.

We cut the hair curl by curl

Every curl, curls in a special way so therefore we cut the hair curl by curl. If one cuts hair wet or blow dryed you cannot see its shape. When the curl returns to its natural state, the shape can be very uneven and holes can be seen. By cutting the curl in its natural state you can prevent all If these above and create a better shape.

Hydration is key

Hydration is key when treating curls, see it as a plant that you need to give plenty of water. The scalp excists out of different types of sections. Out of each section growes different types of curls. This is the reason why we use the technic to hydrate curl by curl. A hairtreatment at Morango Curls usually takes about 2,5 hours. It is very important that we take our time to proper treat your Curls.

A range of products

After your hairtreatment at Morango Curls, you will leave not only with beautiful natural curls but also a productlist to help maintain your hair regime. It is well known that having curls is a lifestyle! Your hair journey does not stop after one treatment but begins after you leave our salon.

We want to empahasize that using heating tools can lead to severe heatdamage to your hair. Keeping in mind that the curl structure can seriously change by doing so. Unfortunately, there is no magic treatment for this, we can not repair your curls. Having healthy curls requires dedication and following the right hair regime.

Note: The structure of curly hair changes due to exposing it to heat after only one time!


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