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Do you want to start loving, treating and taking care of your curls? Shop our products and start now with the curly hair lifestyle!

Having curly hair requires a lot of attention, time and care. It is important to have a good selection of hair products in your regime. In this process hydration is 'key' to treat and prevent dryness.

Our personalized hair treatments and the lifestyle that comes along with having curly hair has inspired us to develop our own hair care line. A haircare line with the purpose to treat curly hair at home with our salon intake.

Morango Scalp Booster

Hairgrowth Treatment

Morango Scalp Booster

In addition to the fact that curly hair needs to be well cared for, the scalp should also be healthy

€ 28,00
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Wash me Already Moisture Shampoo


Wash me Already Moisture Shampoo

Your regime should start with a washday. Use ‘Wash me already Moisture Shampoo’ to cleanse your curls.

€ 19,50
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Curl Wow Wow Hydra Conditioner

hydra conditioner

Curl Wow Wow Hydra Conditioner

To maintain your hair hydrated you should use the ‘Curl Wow Wow’ hydra conditioner once your curls are cleansed.

€ 22,00
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Curl Bon Bon Hairmask


Curl Bon Bon Hairmask

You should treat your curls once or twice a month. This hair mask provides the ultimate deep hydration for the thirsty curls.

€ 26,00
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Morango Curls

Morango Curls has been welcoming all curly hair lovers since 2016 to help them enhance and celebrate their beautiful curly, wavy, coily manes.

For decades curly hair has been viewed as less beautiful and treated as unmanageable. Straight and sleek hair has been the beauty norm for many generations and was labelled society's beauty standard.

Wellllll we got news for you the "New" beauty standard is Whatever is in your DNA and makes you, YOU! 

All our hairstylists are trained to treat, love and cut curly hair. On of our specialities is to give personalized hair treatments and explaining the lifestyle that comes along with having curly hair.



For Curls to be a blessing you need to treat it with a lot of tender, love and care! We at Morango Curls are specialized in doing so.

We cut the hair curl by curl

Every curl, curls in a special way so therefore we cut the hair curl by curl. If one cuts hair wet or blow dryed you cannot see its shape. When the curl returns to its natural state, the shape can be very uneven and holes can be seen. By cutting the curl in its natural state you can prevent all If these above and create a better shape.

Hydration is key

Hydration is key when treating curls, see it as a plant that you need to give plenty of water. The scalp excists out of different types of sections. Out of each section growes different types of curls. This is the reason why we use the technic to hydrate curl by curl. A hairtreatment at Morango Curls usually takes about 2,5 hours. It is very important that we take our time to proper treat your Curls.

A range of products

After your hairtreatment at Morango Curls, you will leave not only with beautiful natural curls but also a productlist to help maintain your hair regime. It is well known that having curls is a lifestyle! Your hair journey does not stop after one treatment but begins after you leave our salon.



MORANGO Cut - Short

Cutting curly hair, hydration treatment

€ 60,00

MORANGO Cut - Medium

€ 80,00

MORANGO Cut - Long

For long (from shoulder) and / or thick hair

€ 110,00


Kids : 4 -11 years

€ 60,00

MORANGO Cut Kids - Long

€ 80,00


washing, hydration, styling and drying of the curls

€ 55,00

MORANGO Cut & Pintura

€ 170,00

Pintura & Hydra

pintura: freehand painting highlighting of the curls

€ 130,00

Dye Grow Out

€ 85,00

Dye (1 colour)

€ 85,00

MORANGO Olaplex & Hydra

€ 80,00


€ 45,00

MORANGO Treatment

WASHnGO - Washing the hair including applying a vitamin mask that will be washed out at home after 24 hours.

€ 17,00

PLUS Treatment

Nabehandeling van het haar met een intensief haarmasker in plaats van alleen een conditioner.













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